ShareControl 1.11 for Windows 10


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ShareControl is a P2P file-sharing tool that moves all downloaded files into another folder immediately after downloading them. This helps prevent other people from uploading these files before you have had a chance to check contents. File sharing using P2P applications is fun, but providing illegal contents for uploading, even unintentionally, can have legal consequences. ShareControl lets you share your files with others without facing this risk. File names are often misleading about the contents of the file. Previewing while downloading is not enough to reveal the true contents. Add the fact that downloads are often unattended, overnight for instance, and it is clear that users do not have enough opportunity to check the files they have downloaded before others start uploading them from their hard disk. Is ShareControl a threat to the P2P sharing community? I don´t think so. ShareControl will not reduce the number of quality contents available for sharing. On the contrary, screening by P2P participants will significantly improve the P2P community’s general credibility. ShareControl will dramatically reduce the chance of your computer being used to distribute contents you do not approve of.